Land PlanningAt Mihaly Land Design we work hand in hand with our clients, as well as architects and engineers, to provide innovative solutions to design challenges, utilizing our strong problem solving skills to merge our visions and goals for each project. We take pride in being a firm that land developers and builders turn to when sites and projects present difficult physical and logistical challenges. The end results of our efforts are always thoughtful, well planned communities and site plans. In concert with our extensive backgrounds in landscape architecture, we are able to focus on a big-picture approach to site planning and community design, and subsequently narrow our focus down to the finest details of a site’s development.

To each project we bring a sensitivity for low-impact site development by working with and preserving as many natural characteristics of a site as possible including trees and plants, landforms, drainage and access patterns, wetlands, microclimates and views. During this process, we manage all of the environmental, local and federal restrictions of the site we are working with. Ultimately, we arrive at a design solution that reflects our client’s goals and ideas within their budgetary parameters, is relevant within the context of its surroundings, and will enrich the lives of those who will use it. Furthermore, we take great care in preparing designs that are not only functional and creative, but are buildable and assist our clients in moving towards the next phase of the project’s development.