Whether providing landscape architectural design services for a new commercial site or rehabilitating an existing one, our creative team has helped our clients increase the value of their investments by providing safe, effective and functional designs while adding aesthetic character and identity for their projects. As with all of our projects, Mihaly Land Design excels at providing landscape plans that manage the needs of the commercial developer, the local government and the end user alike. We also recognize the budgetary limitations developers face and possess the creativity and knowledge of materials that can make even the simplest landscape design something that will help their development stand out.Our firm has created landscape designs for a variety of businesses and shopping centers as well as amenities and entrances that are essential features of residential communities. We have been responsible for a variety of detailed landscaped areas within master planning projects, including pools, club houses, streetscapes, parks, walkways and community open spaces in many different environments and climates. storefronts